Aug 15, 2023 Our study of multiple features in temporal moment localization task is accepted to ICCV’23 CLVL Workshop. Congratulations to Ignacio.
Jun 19, 2023 I joined the Centre for Augmented Reasoning to work on the out-of-distribution, reliable and robust AI methods with Ehsan :smile:
Mar 1, 2023 Our Ikea assembly in the wild dataset is now available
Feb 1, 2023 Our work on Aligning Step-by-Step Instruction Diagrams to Video Demonstrations is accepted to CVPR’23. Congratulations to Jiahao
Jan 1, 2023 Our work on memory-efficient video grounding has been accepted at EACL’23!
Jun 11, 2022 I joined the Tencent’s eXtended Reality Lab in Australia, led by Prof. Hongdong Li.