Cristian Rodriguez-Opazo

Research Fellow (Postdoc B) @ Center of Augmented Reasoning in the University of Adelaide


Hello there! I’m Cristian Rodriguez-Opazo, a passionate professional in the realm of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, currently working as a research fellow in the Center for Augmented Reasoning at the University of Adelaide under the guidance of Dr. Ehsan Abbasnejad, where I’m devoted to create reliable and robust AI methods.

My research journey commenced in 2011 at the Metropolitan University of Technology in Chile, where I obtained my bachelor and professional degree on Computer Science and Engineering by implementing a neural network on OpenCL GPGPU to detect and recognize vehicle plates in my final project under the guidance of Dr. Matias Valdenegro. Subsequently, I worked as a research assistant in the centre for web intelligence WIC at the University of Chile.

Seeking further knowledge, I ventured to Australia, pursuing a Master’s in Computing Advanced and a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Australian National University and the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision . Throughout my Ph.D., guided by the mentorship of Prof. Hongdong Li, Prof. Stephen Gould, and Dr. Basura Fernando, I focused on video analysis, unraveling the nuances of human actions and interactions. In my Master’s at ANU, I explored the task of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) with Omnidirectional cameras.

Post-studies, I dedicated a year and a half to AI for Art and video analysis at AIML, where I had the privilege of work under the guidance of Dr. Qi Wu. Then, I moved to the Tencent’s eXtended Reality Lab in Australia, immersing myself in the forefront of developing virtual reality technologies. My journey is enriched by collaborations with people from different part of the world Chile- CENIA, UofChile - RELELA and UofTokyo - Matsuo-ken. Beyond algorithms and research papers, catch me exploring the latest tech trends, immersed in a captivating book, playing basketball or experimenting in the kitchen. Let’s connect!


Aug 15, 2023 Our study of multiple features in temporal moment localization task is accepted to ICCV’23 CLVL Workshop. Congratulations to Ignacio.
Jun 19, 2023 I joined the Centre for Augmented Reasoning to work on the out-of-distribution, reliable and robust AI methods with Ehsan :smile:
Mar 1, 2023 Our Ikea assembly in the wild dataset is now available
Feb 1, 2023 Our work on Aligning Step-by-Step Instruction Diagrams to Video Demonstrations is accepted to CVPR’23. Congratulations to Jiahao
Jan 1, 2023 Our work on memory-efficient video grounding has been accepted at EACL’23!